When you think of digital advertising, Google Ads is likely the first thing that comes to mind. Google Ads takes up to 80% of the entire global online digital network advertising revenue and is a vital resource for organizations of all types, associations included! So, if your association is looking for growth or new ways to reach members, here are a few ways Google Ads may help.

1. Grow Attendance at an Annual Meeting or Conference

If your association has an annual meeting or conference quickly approaching, then you most likely understand the stress and uncertainty of meeting your attendance goal. However, Google Ads allows associations to grow attendance through timely ads, budget control, and a good measurement of effectiveness. Unlike many advertising efforts, Google Ads works almost instantly. Once you set your campaign live, your ads will appear usually within a few hours. Your messages will show in search results, driving awareness and traffic in just a short amount of time. Additionally, it is entirely up to you to decide how much you want to spend, giving you a lot of control over the performance of your ad. Lastly, using Google Ads metrics and analytics tools, can allow you to see how effective your ads have been for attendance growth.

2. Reach Members in New Regions of the Country

Are you wanting to reach members in new regions? Google Ads allows you to geotarget your ads, which means your ads only appear to customers in a certain physical place, or sets of places, of your choosing. Geotargeting can allow you to reach the right audience, test out new markets, deliver personalized experiences, and save money by not serving up ads to the wrong locations. So, if your association is looking to target new areas of the country, take advantage of Google Ads’ ability to personalize your experience.

3. Promote New Revenue-Generating Programs to Non-Members

Promoting new revenue generating programs to non-members is important to nearly every association. This means reaching new, but targeted audiences with your programs is crucial. Because Google Ads relies on specific keywords being used to serve your ads, you have the ultimate control over where your ads show up and for what subjects. You can also add irrelevant search terms as negative keywords to prevent your ad from showing to people who are looking for something you are not offering.

4. Build Consumer Support for an Industry Issue

Advocacy is an important part of many associations. When industry issues arise, associations work to educate their members on these issues but sometimes also need to build support and awareness within the general public. Through the use of Google Ads, an association can reach a broad audience on a hot button issue in a cost-effective way. With great messaging and targeting, organizations can educate the masses and drive traffic to crucial information or educational resources on their website.

As we stated, Google Ads can be an effective and efficient marketing tool at your association’s disposal. When used properly, and in combination with our communication methods, it could help shape the perception on a huge issue in your industry, or drive revenue growth through valuable programs. How has your association used Google Ads? Leave us some comments below!