The Gormley Group SEO and Social Media

The Gormley Group, a leading GSA schedule consulting company, wanted to improve their organic traffic and challenged Markitecture to help land them on the first page of search results. We started by making critical updates throughout the site including items related to content and site structure. Important searches for “GSA Schedule Consulting” and “GSA Schedule Consultants” had a nearly immediate impact, landing The Gormley Group on the first page of organic results within weeks.

In addition to updating their website, Markitecture helped establish new social media profiles for The Gormley Group and manages their social platforms regularly. The addition of these social profiles as well as regular content shared by the channels will have long-lasting benefits for The Gormley Group’s organic search results. Regular content work and website enhancements are ongoing to continually improve the strength of the firm’s web presence.

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