Making the most of your marketing time & budget

Markitecture offers services that improve A/E/C firm marketing based on existing resources and budgets. Our services include:

Social Media Strategy

Markitecture provides social media strategy and guidance to architecture and engineering firms trying to navigate an ever-changing web landscape. Led by our CEO, a recognized industry speaker and author on the subject, Markitecture applies best practices, in combination with your A/E/C firm’s marketing and business goals to craft a unique social media campaign strategy. For more about Markitecture’s approach to social media for architects, engineers and contractors, read some of our social media posts on the blog!


Your firm’s brand goes far beyond your logo. Every interaction or engagement with your firm is an opportunity for a client to develop a more valuable and accurate perception of your firm and your staff. Markitecture works with your team to develop or define a brand, messaging and a graphic identity (with the help of industry partners) that resonate with your clients.

Website Information Architecture, Design and Development

Redesigning your website is more than just coming up with a new layout and imagery. It should start with well thought-out strategy, taking into account your primary client base, business goals, budget, the latest technology and best practices in usability. Markitecture provides in-depth project scope documentation, interactive/click-able wireframes and unparalleled project management in the first phase. We then offer full web design and building capabilities in-house, to be sure your vision is carried through to completion. Our Content Management System of choice is WordPress, however we have experience working with a number of other CMS tools and developing HTML sites as required.

Advertising Strategy, Design and Media Planning

Business to business advertising can be costly and it’s often difficult to measure its effectiveness. However, when used properly and expectations are managed, display advertising can be an extremely valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. For firms in the A/E/C industry that do advertise, Markitecture develops advertising strategy and media plans that maximize the impact of your budget and eliminate the urge to advertise in publications just because the competition does. Sound reasoning, budget management and creative advertising concepts are a part of every advertising engagement.

Go/No-Go Process Development

Regardless of its level of sophistication, every firm goes through some sort of Go/No-Go decision process when reviewing RFPs or new project opportunities. Each wasted “Go” is money and time that could be put to use in more productive and profitable ways. Markitecture partners with firms to develop a deep understanding of your experience and ideal client types, and then makes recommendations on process changes to improve your hit rate. Markitecture also uses GoNoGoPro to increase your firm’s productivity, measurement and strategic marketing decisions for the future.

That’s not enough? Markitecture also offers a variety of other services as an industry-focused marketing agency:

  • Email Marketing
  • Event/Conference Promotions and Booth Design
  • Budget and Marketing Plan Development
  • Copywriting
  • Market Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Public and Media Relations
  • Client Surveys
  • Direct Mail
  • Print Brochure Design
  • Proposal and Short-list Presentation Design