Markitecture’s Strategic Marketing Process

Every A/E firm is different. Whether you are taking on a new market, streamlining your RFP process or repositioning your firm, we bring a unique set of tools and experience to the table. However, our process can always be broken down in four phases.

Phase One – Excavate

We begin every engagement with a deep dig into your firm’s marketing goals, challenges and previous efforts. This can include working sessions, custom interviews, research and other types of information gathering. Regardless, you can guarantee that when you call our agency to work with your firm, you will hear the question “What’s the goal for this effort?”

Phase Two – Clarify

Our next step is to organize all of the info we uncovered during Excavation into a tight scope document or outline. Whether working on a mini-campaign plan, or an annual marketing strategy document, the Clarification process will provide a clear picture of the document to come. We eliminate “false starts” because we make sure we understand your situation fully before making recommendations.

Phase Three – Strategize

Your strategy is the next step. The results from this phase will generally come in the form of a clean, concise document – your plan, campaign or research. It’s that simple (well, not really – but we make it easy on you).

Phase Four – Execution

Markitecture’s work doesn’t end there. We have full graphic design and advertising agency capabilities, ready to deliver on all of the campaign tactics that were thought-out and recommended in our previous efforts. Our team has experience with a wide range of tactics and tools to deliver for your organization, including web design, email marketing, Cvent management, social media, media relations and so much more. Visit our services page to learn more!